School Moto 

To lead and to serve

School Vision

To be a unique institution producing learners who appreciate, pursue and embrace education from a holistic perspective.

School Mission

To create an equal opportunity for all children through offering a conductive learning atmosphere for them to explore, exploit and execute their duties with greatest expectations.

The growth of the CBSC has been consistent through the years.  The numbers for the kids enrolled in the school in 2017 went up to 411.  21 members of teaching staff worked tirelessly to prepare them for the future and also prepared the final grade students for their national exam, the school recorded the highest mark ever recorded in the school during previous years.  We are very grateful to God for what He has helped to achieve in the discipleship ministry in the school.  All the students had the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus.  As they learn this many experienced spiritual healings.  The orphaned and the destitute have also been blessed to have a place they call home at the orphanage God has given us.  This helps to get His love into the hearts of the many kids that would otherwise be lost in the sea of poverty and despair.

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