The IEBC Gilgil Constituency office presided over Camp Brethren Christian student council elections on 1st March, 2019. The School is located approximately 32 KMs from the constituency office in Eburu/ Mbaruk Ward, Gilgil Constituency, Nakuru County.

The school invited the Commission to preside over their elections in a bid to enhance leadership in the school by embracing democratic elections. All students participated in the elections and had a chance to vote for their leaders in various positions that included School President and Deputy President, Governors for each class, Senators (Representatives of various school departments) and MCAs (Class representatives).

The elections were officiated by Mr. Nguthu, the Gilgil CEC, who played the role of Returning Officer. He was deputized by Mr. Kamau, the Gilgil CAA, while teachers played the role of presiding officers and clerks.

Prior to the day of elections, Mr. Nguthu and Mr. Kamau conducted voter education, oversaw candidate nominations, monitored campaigns and also conducted voter registration. They also provided logistical and technical support to the school while being assisted by teachers and the school administration.

The elections took place in an orderly manner, demonstrating that the electoral process can truly be free, fair and transparent.

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