CBM Christian Schools

The people should preach the word of God to all peoples according to the Biblical Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

A Christian not for profit organization in Kenya based in Eburru, Kenya. It’s mainly involved in trying to better the lives of the people of Eburru, through the use of the Christian faith, better Education and good HealthCare and anything else that can help.

CBM Christian Schools


Camp Brethren Christian School began with 55 students. A decade later, the student body had 435 students with 130 paying boarders and 27 orphans in grade Preschool through grade 8. There were 13 students with disabilities enrolled.

The school’s motto is To Lead and to Serve.  The school consistently tests in the top 5% of schools in Kenya in the National Exam, giving students the opportunity to attend high school, which in turn helps prepare them for college and/or trade schools that open doors to opportunities for a better life. In 2019, all eighth graders passed the exam and were admitted into high schools

David’s Hope has been instrumental in raising funds for the Primary School, with room for 600 students, a dormitory with the capacity for  250 boarding students including CBM’s orphan population, an Administration Building, and plans for a facility to meet the needs of up to 50 students with disabilities and provide special dorm space and therapy rooms. The Manor House on campus has also been remodeled for the daily use of Pastor Steve and Mary and guests of Camp Brethren Ministries.

Last year, the MBC Tysons Family Team built a beautiful multipurpose space for reading and studying with access to an overhead projector for movie nights. The team also finished a small chapel and outfitted it with benches, making it useful for staff devotions & chapel, meetings and smaller assemblies.

The growth of the CBCS has been consistent through the years. The numbers for the kids enrolled in the school in 2017 went up to 411. 21 members of teaching staff worked tirelessly to prepare them for the future and also prepared the final grade students for their national exams. Again in 2017, despite all students passing their national exam, the school recorded the highest mark ever recorded in the school during previous years. We are very grateful to God for what He has helped to achieve in the discipleship ministry in the school. All the students had the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus. As they learn this many experienced spiritual healings. The orphaned and the destitute have also been blessed to have a place they call home at the orphanage God has given us to get His love in to the hearts of the many kids that would otherwise be lost in the sea of poverty and despair.

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The High School campus opened while still under construction in January 2018 with 26 students in Form 1 (Grade 9). These students have achieved high standards of success at the CBM primary school, testing in the top 5% of schools nationally. Each school year  the next Form has been added, bringing the school to an enrollment of 120 in Forms 1-3. Projects have continued to be funded and the following were completed in 2019; four additional classrooms, 6 latrines, a completed floor in the multipurpose room, the Science Laboratory  (90% completed),  and desks, bunk beds, and tables furnished.

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