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“To lead and to serve”

To be a unique institution producing learners who appreciate, pursue and embrace education from a holistic perspective.

To create an equal opportunity for all children through offering a conducive learning atmosphere for them to explore, exploit and execute their duties with greatest expectations.

What The School Offers:

Use of IT in CBCS & CBHS:

Information Technology; We have introduced our Children to basic IT skills (ranging from simple tasks such as typing and office applications to complex – introduction to programming through Arduino boards.) as we believe this is essential going forward in the information age. Also, for those who get interested in the field we spark that interest early enough and they stand to be the best and as such secure great careers in the future.

Access to internet and IT System is controlled from the IT Office dashboard where the admin monitors all student browsing activity and limit usage of the internet as we know the internet is a field of all norms.

This system has been implemented both in our Junior School and Senior (High) School. Computer classes are examined to test student capabilities and assess there growth which has seen greater improvement in innovation, entertainment, easy learning, interactions and socialization, and much more. Learn more about technology


Camp Brethren Primary School

The growth of the CBCS has been consistent since it began in 2009. Enrollment in grade Preschool through 8th grade is over 400, including 100+ paying boarding students and on average 30 orphans. 43 members of teaching staff worked tirelessly to prepare them for the future and also prepared the final grade students for their national exams. The school consistently scores in the top 5% of Primary schools in Kenya.

Camp Brethren High School

The High School began in 2018 with 26 ninth graders; today there are 120 students in three grades. The number of staff has increased to 10 along with an Administrative building, Boys and Girls dorms, a multi-purpose room used for dining and assemblies and a classroom building with a Science Lab. Athletic spaces are also in the works.

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