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Our Staff:

You probably guessed it, It takes people and time to achieve and get to where we are. We have a host of dedicated staff from all walks of life and regions of Kenya and the world that work tirelessly to make it all happen.

Camp Brethren Ministries

At the top the Servant of God. Rev. Steve Njenga is the Director. His role is Giving guidance to the whole ministry as well as defining the vision for all.

Camp Brethren Christian Schools

Mary Njenga is the Director/Administrator of the schools helping the institution to stay focused.

The school is also headed by the capable:

Josephat N Wanderi – Headteacher

Senior teachers and subject teachers who make sure the school runs well and kids are attended to.

Non-Teaching staff who play in the shadows to make sure everything goes on well. We have able and well-equipped Cooks, Chefs, Security personnel, accountants, IT Personnel and caretakers.

The same can be said for both schools.

Pictures of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff at CBCS:

(A gallery of this content page will be uploaded soon)

Joseph Wanderi Teacher

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