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The people should preach the word of God to all peoples according to the Biblical Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

A Christian not for profit organization in Kenya based in Eburru, Kenya. It’s mainly involved in trying to better the lives of the people of Eburru, through the use of the Christian faith, better Education and good HealthCare and anything else that can help.

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Our Story

In the CBM medical center, the health team was able to help an upward of 4,000 patients at the outpatient and also at the mobile clinic. 2017 was a unique year in the health center which saw an increase in babies born at the maternity ward to 77 (up from 53 the previous year). Those services, would not have happened if it were not for the faithfulness of God and the support of our partners. DHI particularly helped with the necessary supplies of the health center, ranging from medications, clinical machines, and personnel who manned free medical camps.

With the nearest full-scale hospital one hour away, locals in Eburru have very limited resources when it comes to quality medical care. Camp Brethren Ministries (CBM) has helped fill this gap for the last few years by offering medical assistance to the local community. Today, the staff at the medical clinic consists of two nurses who volunteer at the clinic when they are not covering their full-time nursing shifts at hospitals and one onsite lab technician.

Word is getting out in the community about the CBM medical clinic and as a result we saw the total number of patients increase since 2010. With the medical supplies DHI was able to provide in 2010 as well as the maternity beds procured for the maternity ward, the CBM medical clinic is a reputable facility providing a range of quality services not readily available to many locals in Eburru. In 2010, CBM saw an increase in expecting mothers coming to CBM to give birth. October was the highest number of births to date with 6 and we anticipate that number to increase along with the number of daily walk-in patients if we can provide a full-time nurse to meet the demands of the community.

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