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Our school boasts of very big strides in issues technology.

However, we have embraced e-learning and the incorporation of technology as teaching aid for the teachers.

We have two e-learning programs V-Academy developed by Kabarak University and Khan Lite Academy which our students have the privilege of interacting with by accessing our computers in the computer lab (enough for a single class seated) or during class time when teachers project videos on materials they just are teaching to supplement and reinforce the kids understanding.

Our teachers have access to computers and internet connectivity to conduct research and as such give correct and informed teaching to the kids.

And not to worry, all our computers and laptops are patched and joined to the school domain – that controls and monitors what users can access, and as such the kids are protected from any unwanted online materials.

Some Pictures of Tech Facilities in CBCS:

(A gallery of this content page will be uploaded soon)

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